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Education Loan a person acquire for the education. The parents want to teach their children in the best schools and universities, but sometimes they haven't the enough money.

In such case the Education Loan is the large help for them. Mostly the parents applied for the loan, but in some cases the student itself applied for the loan.

Many banks are there and all gives the education loan. 

For example, the SBI bank gives the education loan with 8.85% interest rate if the person study in India. And if a person wants to study outside India then the bank charges 10.00% interest rate.

On the other hand the Axis Bank charge same 13.70% interest rate in both cases.

The bank basically gives 10-15 lack rupees as Education Loan.

In case of the outside India 20lack is given. It is not fixed, it depends on the bank.

Education loan covers the basic fees and other college expenditure.

A person can complete their full time or part time studies with education loan and also they can complete the management, medical, engineering etc. graduation courses.

We all know Education is very important, so it is good having support in the form of Education Loan. So that everyone can complete their studies and then acquire their dream jobs and repay the loan efficiently.