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PNB stands for Punjab National Bank.

PNB is an Indian nationalized bank. The headquarters of PNB are in New Delhi, India.

PNB is a commercial bank. It is one of the leading commercials banks in India.

PNB has about 12,248 branches and over 13000 ATMs. It serves over 180 million customers.

In the world the PNB is ranked 248th biggest bank by Banker's Almanac.

The PNB bank owners are:

1. Government of India

2. Ministry of Finance

PNB bank is the India's first Swadesh bank.

PNB was founded in May 1894 and it is 2nd largest government bank in India.

In 2021 the revenue of PNB is about 94,990 crore. The employees of PNB are about 1,03,000 in 2020.

The official website of PNB bank is:

PNB has also branches in UK, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kabul and Kowloon. In UK PNB has 7 branches.

History of PNB bank:

On May q9, 1894 the PNB bank was founded in Lahore.

In 1964, the PNB bank established the branches in Karachi and Peshawar.

IN 1961, Universal Bank Of India acquired by PNB.

The Government Of India nationalized PNB Bank on 19 July, 1969.

PNB opened branches in London in 1978.

PNB acquired New Bank Of India in 1993, which in 1980 the Government of India has nationalized.

Currently "CH.S.S.Mallikarjuna Rao" is the chairman of Punjab National Bank(PNB).

Sanjay Kumar is the Executive Director of the PNB. He assumed the charge on 1 April, 2020.