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Full form of IDBI is Industrial Development Bank of India.

It is established in 1964. The headquarter of the IDBI bank is in Mumbai.

The current CEO of the IDBI bank is "Rakesh Sharma".

Life Insurance Corporation is the parent organization of IDBI bank.

IFSC code detail:

The IFSC code of the IDBI bank is 11-digit code. 

It starts with IBKL:- the first 4 digits of IFSC code of IDBI represents the bank name. The next digit "0" reserved for future reference and the last 6-digits specifies the branch code.

For example:- IBKL0000008 is the ifsc code of IDBI bank for Mission Road Branch.

Type of IDBI bank is:

1. Development Finance Institution

2. Subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation Of India.

The founder of the IDBI bank is Government Of India by an Act of Parliament and it is founded on 1 July, 1964.

About 24,504 crore rupees revenue in 2021 of IDBI. In 2019 the idbi bank has about 18,000 employees.

The official website is:- www.idbibank.in

The funds of the idbi bank are backed by the government, no matter the current situation of bank. So, idbi bank is safe and secure.

In idbi bank account the customer needs to maintain MAB of rs. 500 for rural branches, rs 2500 for semi-urban branches and rs 5000 for Metro & Urban branches.

The annual card fees of the IDBI bank card is 220 rupees.