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The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India bank changed its name to ICICI bank.

ICICI is the 2nd largest private sector bank in India.

Founders of the ICICI bank:- Industrial Credit and Corporation of India.

Headquarter of ICICI bank is in Vadodara, Gujrat. Founded on June, 1994 in Vadodara. 

In 2020 the ICICI bank has about 97,354 employees. It serves worldwide. 

ICICI banks jobs by Salary:

- Relationship Manager- Salary: 248k to 961k rupees, the Average Salary is:- 493,064 rupees.

- Branch Manager, Banking- Salary: 337k to 1m rupees, Avg. Salary:- 723,112 rupees.

- Credit Manager- Salary: 310k to 1m rupees, Avg Salary amount is:- 573,636 rupees.

- Operation Manager- Salary: 287k to 1m rupees, Average Salary:- 595,243 rupees.

- Relationship Manager, Banking- Salary: 315k to 1m rupees, Avg amount is:- 649,802   rupees.

- Assistant Branch Manager, Banking- Salary: 253k to 844k, Avg Salary:- 465,772 rupees.

- Sales Officer- Salary: 130k to 248k, Avg Salary is:- 193,111 rupees.

ICICI card details:

The best debit card offered by the ICICI bank is Platinum Identity Chip Debit Card.

Annual maintenance fees of ICICI debit card is 250+GST.

For card replacement ICICI bank charges rupees 199+GST.

If the amount is withdraw from the ICICI ATMs then it is free, but if amount withdrawal from another bank ATMs them Rs 20+GST charges per withdrawal.

Girish Chandra Chaturvedi is the chairman of ICICI bank.

Kuldeep Vaman Kamath known by K.V Kamath was the first chairman of ICICI bank.

Rakesh Jha is the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) of ICICI bank.

The Tagline of the ICICI bank is "KHAYAL AAPKA".