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The Headquarters of the Central Bank Of India are in Mumbai.

The official website of Central Bank Of India is

Founders of Central Bank Of India are:

1. Sorabji Pochkhanawala

2. Pherozeshah Mehta

Founded the Central Bank Of India on 21 December 1911.

The number of employees work in Central Bank Of India in 2021 are about 32,335.

The RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) is the Central Bank Of India established on 1 April, 1935 under RBI Act.

In 2021 the Central Bank Of India has network of 4,608 branches along with 3,644 ATMs.

The RBI is known as the Central Bank Of India. The main function of Central Bank Of India is overseeing the monetary system for a nation.

We need Central Bank's because they play a crucial role in ensuring financial & economic stability.

The examples of Central Bank includes the:

1. Foderal Reserve Bank(US)

2. European Central Bank(EU)

3. Bank of Japan(Japan) etc.

Each country has its own central bank, but some of the countries doesn't have, example: Kiribati, Monaco, Nauru, Andorra etc.

The former Governor of the RBI was Maidavalu Narasimhan. At the age 94 he was died on April 2021.

Some characteristics of Central Bank's are:

1. Banker to the Government

2. Banker's Bank

3. Controller of Credit

4. Advisor to the Government

5. Controller of foreign exchange etc.